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The good rice of Sibari

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"Riseria Magisa"

Riseria Magisa has been committed for years to enhancing the organoleptic qualities of the rice produced in the Sibari Plain, through a completely artisanal processing system.

The experience gained in the rice growing and processing sector allowed her to undertake a new work challenge on the use of innovative techniques, thus obtaining exclusive patents for the Calabria region.

What they say about us

Exceptional rice and Southern product! I have been buying only Magisa rice for 3 years! No more supermarket rice! Very high quality!
Short supply chain for a highly prized Calabrian rice, grown and processed in the famous and fertile Sibari plain close to the Ionian Sea, which enriches it with unique aromas and flavours. I had the pleasure of following the entire manufacturing process, from harvesting to tasting. There are countless quality controls to guarantee a safe and quality product.
RISO MAGISA 🔝 Excellent quality of the raw material, with an authentic and genuine flavour. You have made us rediscover the true taste of rice! 10 and praise!!
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