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“Carnaroli Integrale” Rice 1kg


“Carnaroli Integrale” Rice 1kg


It is natural and rich in fibre, one of a kind.


The hazelnut color comes exclusively from the removal of the “husk”, basically the external peel.


Its processing does not involve the husking phase, thus leaving all the organoleptic and nutritional qualities of the rice unchanged, such as fibre, proteins and carbohydrates.


It has good ability to absorb liquids during cooking.


Characteristics: large and tapered grains to perfectly absorb seasonings. It is used for numerous preparations, from rice salads to the most refined risottos and sautéed preparations, but it can also be enjoyed simply boiled.


Tip: soak and proceed with cold cooking.




Format: 1kg


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“Carnaroli Integrale” Rice 1kg

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