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Risotto with lemon 200gr


Risotto with lemon 200gr


CARNAROLI Ready-to-Cook Line


Superfine rice, the grain is large and approximately 7mm long, with an elongated shape and tapered section, with a clear tooth.


Ingredients: Carnaroli rice, lemon, carrot, turmeric, chives, parsley, extra virgin olive oil.

May contain traces of: gluten, almond, hazelnuts, celery, soy, mustard, tuna, cuttlefish, eggs.

Contains no added glutamate, chemical ingredients or animal derivatives.


Characteristics: cooks in about 16 minutes, consistent “al dente”, maintains this consistency for a long time.


Packaging: ATM (i.e. a preservation method with which an atmosphere different from the environmental one is created inside the packages)


Format: 200gr


Risotto with lemon 200gr

Weight 0.25 kg


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